Six Months in the Blogosphere: Reflections and a Digest

The idea of blogging took root in my mind back in 2016: some of my earlier posts were written in those days. However, it was over a year later that I pressed that green Publish button for the first time. And so Wednesday’s Child was born. My first post was a review of my favourite … Continue reading Six Months in the Blogosphere: Reflections and a Digest


World Book Day: In Praise of Libraries

As the end of June rolled around each year, and my peers headed for the football field or the park, I inevitably found myself en route to my local library. My hazy days of summer were instead spent having tea with Miss Honey in her ramshackle cottage; traipsed the jungle with Mogwli and Baloo; crept through the ruins of Charn and witnessed the birth of Narnia; and slipped through the looking glass into Wonderland.

The Oddest Couples: Marvel’s Original Sin

Original Sin is a 2014 Marvel mini-series, part-thriller and part Hercule Poriot meets the Marvel Universe. In the words of Taggart, “There’s been a murder.” Uatu the Watcher has been found dead, his lair plundered, and one of his all-seeing eyes stolen by his killer. More chillingly, given how guarded his very existence, the suspect list is both short, and peppered with heroes and villains alike…

Crisis on Earth-X – The N*zi Problem

Spoilers abound - for this and other DC/Marvel properties In November 2017, the CW premiered an ambitious four-part crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Encompassing multiple Earths, doppelgängers and appearances by an eye-watering roster of superheroes, and a level of fan-excitement that Justice League couldn’t possibly match, it was supposed … Continue reading Crisis on Earth-X – The N*zi Problem