Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

What is this blog?

This is a collection of my thoughts and essays. I am an unashamed workaholic, but this seldom leaves me time for any hobbies, so this blog is, in a way, an attempt to modify this. I enjoy reading things that are interesting and intellectually challenging, interspersed with copious doses of the whimsical too! I do love sites like Buzzfeed, The Mary Sue, and other online media, whilst simultaneously being irked by the constant use of click-bait titles.

What do you write about?

Anything I want, that amuses/interests/frustrates me, but preferably with a focus on the positive. The Internet can easily become a self-perpetuating ball of negativity, and frankly, the world is already a bleak and lonely place at times. Let’s try to make someone smile.

I aim to write the sort of content I myself would want to read. Popular culture, food, travel, movie reviews, book reviews, comic reviews, and maybe with a smidgen of editorial style opinion blogging.  Content that at least tries to be novel. The blog may evolve or change; who knows?

Why the name Wednesday’s Child?

(a) I was born on a Wednesday (and true to form, this Wednesday’s child is indeed full of woe)

(b) I love The Addams Family, and Wednesday is my favourite character.

So kick back, pour yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee, and hopefully enjoy!

Natalie 🙂