Statues, Statues everywhere! Manchester (vol. 3)

Today, Wednesday's Child is two years old. Over this time, I've written over 70  posts, covering a range of topics. I've also written more about statues than I ever thought it possible for one person to write, outside of an Art degree. If my blog has a gimmick, I suppose statues is it. I spent … Continue reading Statues, Statues everywhere! Manchester (vol. 3)


The Manchester Tour

If I had to choose an alternative profession, tour guide would probably be my top choice. History has always been an passion of mine. Whenever friends or family come to visit me, no matter what city I live in, they generally get subjected to my "unofficial walking tour". After all, almost every city is bursting … Continue reading The Manchester Tour

Manchester Caribbean Carnival 2019

Manchester is famous for many things: music, socialism, rice'n'three, and Coronation Street. But it also boasts a number of cultural events throughout the year.  Come mid-August, Alexandra Park in Hulme/Moss Side plays host to one of the country's largest Caribbean carnivals. The Carnival began in 1970s, when members of the Windrush generation organised a small parade … Continue reading Manchester Caribbean Carnival 2019