On Pre-loved Books

Every few months, he appears. Not always in exactly the same place, but close enough. He brings with him troves of knowledge and delight and the wonderful scent of old books. He lays them out upon tables which feel like they might buckle under the weight of knowledge atop them. Yet, out of the myriad … Continue reading On Pre-loved Books


Statues, statues everywhere: The Sequel

Last year, I wrote a post on the topic of public statues in Manchester, and talked about some of the more intriguing statues around the city. Of course, like any city, Manchester has a multitude of public artworks, and one post was not enough to cover everything I wanted to discuss. My recent walks in … Continue reading Statues, statues everywhere: The Sequel

International Year of the Periodic Table

It was upon the sixth day of March in 1869 that a presentation made to the Russian Chemical Society would revolutionise the scientific world. The speaker was an academic from Saint Petersburg University named Dmítriy Ivánovich Mendeléyev. To this group of peers, he unveiled a novel way of displaying the 60 or so known elements … Continue reading International Year of the Periodic Table