A Personal History of Flânerie

My late Gran used to tell a story about taking me to see our GP when, as a baby, I kept kicking out and bashing my fists against my cot mattress. The diagnosis given was thus: "She's just frustrated as she wants to walk." Now, I'm about 99.9% certain that tale is apocryphal, but one … Continue reading A Personal History of Flânerie


St Thomas’ Hospital and A History of Nursing

St Thomas Hospital, London, lies on the South Bank of the Thames. Like most modern hospital campuses, these are buildings of function rather than architectural masterpieces. Within these walls, runs the gamut of human emotion: fear, exhilaration, tragedy, joy, relief. Across the river stands the Houses of Parliament, and beyond, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben… even … Continue reading St Thomas’ Hospital and A History of Nursing

Quarterly Digest: April – June 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of my quarterly digest (as inspired by the digests of fellow bloggers Anabel at The Glasgow Gallivanter and Kev at Walking Talking). April August, December and April are sad months for junior doctors because we rotate jobs. My colleagues and I celebrated/commiserated by going out in Manchester for Ethiopian food followed by … Continue reading Quarterly Digest: April – June 2019

Statues, statues everywhere: The mixtape edition

Public art, statues in particular, have become a growing interest of mine in the last year. Which figures or events are represented in statues, and do we always chose the right people? I've written versions of this post about my local statues in Manchester. However, these aren't the only pieces of public art which have … Continue reading Statues, statues everywhere: The mixtape edition

Statues, Statues everywhere! Liverpool Edition

In an episode of the tortuously funny Channel 4 show Derry Girls, the titular characters find themselves at a Friends Across the Barricade event, where teenagers from both sides of the Catholic-Protestant divide are asked to suggest some things they have in common. What follows instead is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3QSdLN27W8 I suppose one could say that … Continue reading Statues, Statues everywhere! Liverpool Edition

Streets of Manchester: St. Peter’s Square (and environs)

The idea of psychogeography was first introduced to me via the excellent Streets of Glasgow series written by Kev over at Walking Talking. Last year, I adopted this approach to a walk along a local street, which turned into my Streets of Manchester: Oxford Road post. I recently found myself passing through St Peter's Square  in Manchester, … Continue reading Streets of Manchester: St. Peter’s Square (and environs)